The Best Home Video Security Systems That Deliver

Since ancient days security has always been a top priority to mankind. In this technological era, man’s priorities have not yet changed and security is still a top priority.

With so many security camera systems out in the market, it has become incredibly difficult to identify which are the best security cameras for home. After much testing and probing, we have come up with 5 great options that are currently available on

The 5 home surveillance system reviews below should help you narrow down your choices, whether it’s your first video surveillance system or one of many.

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Amcrest 720P Tribrid HDCVI 4CH 1TB DVR Security Camera System

Priced at just $249.99

Amazon Rating:

The best top feature of this system is its very high-resolution cameras that use latency-free analog transmission. This type of transmission is widely known to transmit things as they are. The cameras also come with motion detectors and an IR –LED night vision system that ensures you will get the most out of this system even at night.

It comes with a 1TB pre-installed hard drive. This addition allows the DVR to record continuously for more than 50 days at a lower resolution below HD and 15+ hours of video at 720p HD. One of the benefits of this camera is that it is very easy to install.

The cameras are bullet proof and weather proof, making it capable of withstanding unfavorable weather conditions. The main disadvantage of this home security camera system is that it is quite expensive if budget is an issue for you.


  • System is straightforward to install
  • Long lasting heavy duty cameras
  • Very good technical support


  • Picture not as clear compared to other system on the market
  • Some have reported that the fan in the DVR is too loud although through our tests we didn’t think so.

Features At A Glance:

  • High Quality High Definition Video at 30 Frames Per Second in Realtime
  • Very Simple Setup Process With Backwards Compatibility
  • Day and Night Video Monitoring
  • Motion Detection Plus Alerts – Only Triggers Recording When Motion Is Detected and Immediately Sends You a Notification
  • Remote View From Any PC or Mobile Device
  • Super Long Continuous Surveillance Recording Plus The Ability To Perform Backups Via USB
  • IP67 Rated Heavy Duty Metal Weatherproof Cameras – One of the Highest IP Ratings of Cameras On The Market
  • Free Domestic 1 Year Warranty Plus Lifetime Support With No Limits
  • Simple To Use Web Browser User Interface To Help You Manage Your Camera System in Superb Style
  • A Very User-Friendly, Yet Robust DVR User Interface
  • Amcrest View App Available For Both IOS and Android To Give You Access To Your Camera System On The Go

The Easy Do It Yourself Assembly Box Kit Includes:

1 – 720p 4-Channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR) With a Pre-Installed 1TB Hard Drive

4 – 1 Mega Pixel Bullet Cameras

2 – 60 Foot Cables

2 – 100 Foot Cables

1 – 4 Channel Power Supply

1 – Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Power Supply

1 – User Manual and 1 Quick Start Guide

All purchases from Amcrest Authorized Retailers include a 1 Year US Warranty plus Lifetime Support

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System – Five Camera Bundle

Arlo Smart Home 5 Security Camera Bundle

Priced at just $547.95

Amazon Rating:

This security system is well known for its amazing features. Of course, its main feature is it’s 100% wire free security cameras that come with magnetic mounts.

The cameras produce clear 720p HD video and are capable of taking video at night too. The cameras are waterproof also, which means that you can either install them indoors or outdoors, without affecting their efficiency.

You can also access the cameras and even watch live video streams through your Smartphone or computer via their mobile apps. The main disadvantage of this system is that it is very expensive compared to other security camera systems.

The cost mainly comes from the fact that they are true wireless cameras if that is what you are looking for.


  • Setup is very simple with this system from setting up the base station to the syncing of the cameras
  • Signing up for an Arlo account and downloading the app was very simple
  • The Push notifications are very nice and intuitive
  • Cameras provide excellent picture quality 


  • Motion sensing: From our testing the motion sensors seem to mainly favor cross traffic. This means that if someone is walking straight towards any of the cameras motion sensing isn’t triggered as early as if the object in view was just going across the camera. Yet, If I you setup the cameras to only catch “cross traffic” it leaves many blind spots.
  • Recording via Motion Sensing seems too delayed from the camera waking up, recording starting and sending to the server. We calculated about 10 to 20 seconds for this whole process to take place.
  • Although it is nice that the Arlo software allows you to setup rules, they limit on the flexibility of the rules. For example you can’t set it up that if one camera senses motion the other cameras would immediately start recording. This defeats the purpose of catching much needed footage via different angles.

Features At A Glance:

  • High Quality 720p High Definition Video
  • 100% Wire-Free design for easy placement just about anywhere
  • Day and Night Video Monitoring. Night vision records even in the dark
  • Motion activated recordings and instant email and app notifications
  • Weatherproof – ideal for indoor or outdoor placement
  • Free apps to securely view hd live video on the go
  • Free 7-day cloud storage for video recordings and snapshots right out of the box

Assembly Box Kit Includes:

5 – 100% Wire-Free Cameras

1 – Base Station

1 – Base Station Power Adapter

1 – Ethernet Cable

5 – Magnetic Camera Mounts

5 – Mounting Screws

20 – Batteries For The Cameras

2 – Quick Start Guides

Security System, JOOAN TC-734-4N 960P Wireless Security Camera System

Priced at just $269.99

Amazon Rating:

The JOOAN TC-734 is trying to position itself in the market among the wireless security camera competitors out there. Not only does it provide real-time WIFI monitoring, but it does so while providing very high-resolution video of 1280 x 720.

The cameras are water proof, dust proof,  and anti-thunder. The system can transmit video data up to 160 ft without barriers and 65 ft through a barrier such as a wall.

Their setup is super easy. One of the main disadvantages of this camera system is that it doesn’t come with any hard drive storage. You will be required to pay the monthly fee for cloud storage which could be costly for many users.


  • Setup is very easy and intuitive to help you get up and running quickly
  • One of the most affordable systems on the market
  • Very nice high quality resolution
  • Both day and night vision footage is extremely high quality and very detailed


  • Instruction manual is very difficult to understand with very broken English and images on it are not clear.
  • Most systems do not come with the 1TB hard drive that the system says it comes with. (Although the system we tested did come with the hard drive so things could have changed).
  • Mobile App doesn’t seem very intuitive and pretty difficult to use

Features At A Glance:

  • The cameras are made from IP66 rated metal casing engineered to perform even in severe environmental conditions. The IP66 rating ensures that the cameras are completely airtight against dust and able to endure any kind of wind and rain.
  • The WIFI cameras provide HD 960P for excellent picture/video quality, 1280x960P H.264 1280×960
  • Day and night surveillance with night vision capability. IR-CUT double filter lens allows you to see very clear images in darkness up to 50 feet in distance.
  • System is easy to setup, and there’s no need for complex or exposed wires or cables.
  • Easy Recording, playback and remote real-time viewing options using the free JOAAN app.
  • 1280×960 image sensors help produce stunning picture quality and video. 2 units with a 2.8mm lens camera, 2 units with a 4mm lens camera.
  • NVR recorder comes with a built in router to help ensure stable and reliable wifi connections.

Assembly Box Kit Includes:

4 – 960P Wifi Cameras

2 – Wireless Antennas

1 – WIFI NVR With 1TB Hard Drive

5 – Power Adapters

1 – 1 Meter Network Cable

1 – Mouse

1 – Quick Guide

5 – Waterproof Cable Accessories

EZVIZ Husky HD 1080p Outdoor Security Camera System

Priced at just $311.66

Amazon Rating:

EZVIZ is a fairly new player in the home security camera market, but definitely doing some things right in order to compete with the big players. EZVIZ completely believes in efficiency through their systems and from what we have tested that is exactly what they offer.

Their systems offer both Wifi setup and POE (Power over Ethernet) setup. The WIFI setup ensures that you don’t have to deal with difficult cable wiring and such. This of course makes setting up the system much faster which we personally felt that was the case.

As most systems today the Husky system is easily and quickly anywhere deployable through WiFi, and makes retrieving images and live recordings from your tablet and smartphone pretty simple.

One of the things we liked about the system is the Power over Ethernet (POE) feature which allows you to eliminate any unnecessary or extra electrical components. This in turn reduces the installation length as well maintenance expenses. Also, the fact that there is no AC power or AC/DC adapter means that you can easily move, change, upgrade or modify your existing network without any hassle.

The system allows you to be able to see in the dark with incredible night vision that reaches up to 100 feet! We thought this was pretty impressive as far as night vision is concerned and lacking in most security camera systems today.

The camera’s wide-angle 107.5 degree lens offers very nicely detailed and sharp 1080p HD video. Add to this the fact the the cameras are IP66 rated weatherproof which are able to withstand most severe weather and extreme indoor and outdoor temperatures from 22°F to 140°F.

We were disappointed however, with the cloud storage in the sense that you only get one free one-month Cloud storage with 7 day playback. Nevertheless the cloud options are pretty robust. You can however record and play videos directly from the 16GB MicroSD card which comes included with the system.

It is highly recommended to store on a card that is at least 128GB or EZVIZ’s Vault 1TB storage drive. Last but not least EZVIZ also provided a mobile app that allows you to control the system on the go available for IOS and Android.


  • One of the best looking system on the market
  • App is easy to use and user friendly
  • DVR is very small and light which makes it very portable compared to most DVRs today
  • Both day and night vision footage is extremely high quality at 1080P
  • Night vision is one of the best on the market and captures up to 100 feet of footage


  • The motion sensitivity of the cameras seem to be too sensitive. Plants being moved by wind triggers easily triggers video recording.
  • We noticed that if you use Windows and Internet Explorer to view your camera feeds, the video footage is sometimes not playable in Windows 10.
  • When looking through recorded footage to try to find details of a specific incident there doesn’t seem to be a way to speed up the video playback.
  • Colors and dynamic range of videos are good but the focus/sharpness compared to other security systems is not as powerful.

Features At A Glance:

  • Cameras record every detail in real-time 1080p High Definition—day and night.
  • Cameras are made with an all-weather design and are Waterproof, dust-proof, and impact resistant wide-angle, 107.5° lens
  • Works With Alexa Using IFTTT
  • Security and Encryption options for all of your recorded videos.
  • Multiple storage options are available via Micro-SD card, EZVIZ Vault 1TB storage Drive or Cloud
  • Wired and Wireless Setup
  • Motion Detection Alerts
  • 1-year limited warranty in North America and Lifetime Technical Support

Assembly Box Kit Includes:

3 – Husky Cameras (includes 16GB MicroSD)
3 – Mounting Templates
3 – Screw Kits
3 – PoE Weather Protection Kits
3 – Power Adapters
3 – Quick Start Guides

Swann SWDVK-442002-US DVR4-4200 4 Channel 960H Security System

Swann SWDVK-442002-US DVR4-4200 4 Channel

Priced at just $189.99

Amazon Rating:

Swann is a fairly new name in the video security market  but promises some great things for its customers. The SWDVK-442002 come with 2 high 700 TVL resolution cameras (expandable up to 4 in total) that also can record video at night as well.

The recording is triggered by motion detectors that are built into the cameras as well.

The system comes with a nice True Blue-lit 960H DVR  capable of recording for more than thirty days onto a pre-installed 500 GB hard drive. The DVR also offers an opportunity for you to transfer the data to an external hard drive via USB or through the network.

You can also view live video or playback in high resolution on your HDTV, LCD or plasma TV using HDMI connection or on LCD screen via VGA port. Remote viewing via the web or a mobile device is also supported.


  • Very good camera system for the price
  • Web browser UI is very easy to navigate and intuitive
  • DVR is very nice and very well lit


  • The cameras do not offer wide focus.
  • Night vision is poor and not as powerful as other systems on the market today.
  • The system only comes with two cameras.

Features At A Glance:

  • TruBlue blue-lit 960H DVR provides real time, widescreen high resolution live video to be able to view and playback
  • 2 TVL Cameras are provided expandable to 4 cameras.
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras provide up to 82 feet of night vision
  • Record 30 plus hours of video footage onto a provided 500GB hard drive
  • Easily locate incident video footage
  • Backup video to an external storage device via USB or by using the network
  • Motion Detection
  • View live or playback video in high resolution on an HDTV, LCD or plasma TV using HDMI the provided connection. Also view video on an LCD screen via the VGA port
  • Mobile App is available

Assembly Box Kit Includes:

2 – 700 TVL Cameras
2 – Mounting Brackets
2 – Screw Kits
1 – 500GB Hard Drive
3 – Power Adapters
1 – Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Bottom Line:

With these security cameras you will be assured of security or at least of what is happening at your home or office when away. All of these systems will serve their purpose, but some just work better than others.

Out of these five home video surveillance systems, our clear winner is the Amcrest 720P Tribrid Video Security System. Not only for its up-to-date technology and features for both the DVR and cameras, but also for its reliability, performance, and most importantly, its value.


For more information about Security Cameras and Surveillance click here.


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