Which Video Surveillance System Is Right For You?

Which Video Surveillance System Is Right For You?

If you are afraid of who might be lurking in or outside your house when you are away, then getting a good surveillance system for your house can be the perfect alternative. Installing security systems around your house can work wonders in making sure that your house stays fully protected.

There are hundreds of products available on the market today. Many of these you can purchase on Amazon.com right now. But, which security camera system is right for you? Consider the surveillance camera system reviews below to hopefully help you choose the right one specifically for your needs.

Amcrest HD 720P 4CH Video Security System

The Amcrest 720P security system can be perfect for both inside as well outside use. The video output is of professional grade providing 30 frame per second real-time HD video.

Having cameras that provide real-time HD video is very important when you want to get the most detail possible to capture not just faces, but also car license plates and other important details.

This is not a problem for this system since all the video footage is captured using a DVR that can also provide pictures with impressive density and detail. Setting up the camera system is also very simple as it only connects point to point directly to the DVR without much hassle from our experience.

The system comes with 4 heavy duty weatherproof cameras engineered to sustain any environmental conditions. The cameras are IP67 rated which means that the cameras have tested as completely airtight against dust and are able to endure any kind of wind and rain.

Other features of the camera system include but are not limited to an extremely intuitive web browser and DVR UI to administer your cameras from, and IOS and Android Amcrest Apps that will also let you remotely view and administer your camera system on the go.

Last but not least a very important factor about purchasing a surveillance system of any kind is it’s warranties and tech support. The Amcrest 720P system comes with a free 1 year domestic warranty and Life-time technical support for your system which is a pretty standard warranty and support for many systems on the market today.

· Good Image Quality
· Mobile application for Android and iOS
· Easy Setup and Usage

· No Remote Recording
· Should Be Plugged into AC outlet
· App troubles while connecting at times

Blink Home Security Camera System With 5 Cameras

This Camera system is totally wire free and is one of the few camera systems that is only powered by a 2 AA Lithium batteries. This can be a good thing or a bad thing for a wireless system but the interesting thing is that the batteries on the cameras are capable of lasting for 2 years!

The system is very affordable and setup is not a problem from our experience. The fact that the cameras are completely free from wires makes it very easy to place and move them within any indoor environments and very limited outdoor environments as well.

The Blink camera system uses a 720p High Definition video capture process that ensures you get a clear view of your the surrounding area, with minimal distortion or any blurring.

Top the HD video with a very intuitive motion detector. When armed, the motion detector triggers a short video clip when any any motion is detected. There are several options that come with the motion detector so that it is not triggered by just every single kind of motion there is in the vicinity of the cameras.

The system also allows you to quickly receive push notifications that come with a link to the recorded motion detection video attached so that you can decide how to best respond to the situation in hand.

Blink also knows that it is very important to have all eyes on your property no matter where you are at by providing an app for both IOS and Android. With the app you are capable of easily accessing the on-demand video streaming anytime and anywhere.

One of the best things that we liked about the system besides the pricing, but the fact that they offer completely free cloud storage. This is one of the few security camera systems that offer this and definitely adds more value to what is already a low cost system.

Blink has recently fully integrated with Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices including Echo, Do, and Amazon tap. If you own one of these devices then you can now control the Blink camera system using just your voice.


· Completely wireless operation with 2 AA Lithium batteries that can last for a full year.
· Built-in motion detection
· Instant alerts on Android and iOS devices
· 720P HD video recording
· Easy to expand and right for home and business use.
· Free cloud storage and no fees at all.
· Fully integrated with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices


· Needs battery replacement after every 2 years.
· Cameras are meant to be more inside cameras than outside cameras but if they are to be used outside they have to be well protected from the weather elements directly.

Uniden UDR744 Outdoor Cameras With 7-Inch LCD Touchscreen

The Uniden UDR744 is a wireless surveillance system which can go a long way to help keep your house or office protected from unwanted activities. First of all Uniden has made it very easy to setup which is always a plus when keeping users satisfied.

The cameras of this system are waterproof and are capable of working in even the worst of weather environments and the wettest conditions. Dark environments prove to be no match for this system as well from the tests we have ran.

The 7 inch portable color monitor displays images automatically from up to 500 feet away while the two cameras that the system comes with are capable of producing night vision up to 40 feet in range through a low light image stabilization installed on the camera itself to help give better picture even at night.

Both cameras come with a built-in microphone which allows you to record while your away from the premises by scheduling a recording, manually recording, or by motion detection which the cameras also come equipped with.

Videos are stored via a MicroSD card and you can watch up to 12 hours of recorded video as well as remote live video through Skype. Other options offered by the system include the ability to manually record video while you are in the vicinity of the cameras, schedule recordings while you are away, or allow for the Passive Infrared Sensor to record video for you.

· Low light image stabilization
· Weatherproof cameras
· Can transmit live feed up to 500 meters
· Passive infrared sensor for motion detection
· Works perfectly indoors and outdoors
· Fast and easy installation

· It’s not entirely wireless

Best Vision Systems SK-DVR-DIY 8-Channel Security System

The Best vision Security Camera System is an 8 channel D1 real-time recording system which is capable of transmitting images at 120 FPS with HDMI for high-quality video output. It comes with a 500 GB hard disk to store your recordings. The cameras are capable of putting out good pictures even at night.

The Best Vision System includes 4 720p resolution cameras that do well producing high quality video. The cameras provide continuous day and night footage through their IR LEDs while the video capture range at night reaches up to 65ft.

The cameras come with an IP66 rating which means that they have been proven to withstand the toughest weather conditions. Not all surveillance cameras come with that rating so this is definitely a plus if considering this system. The cameras can also be used indoors as well with no problems.

The cameras come with motion detection which will trigger video recording as soon as motion is detected. This is a very convenient way to not have constant video recording taking place when it is not needed while at the same time saving space on your hard drive from un-needed videos.

The Best Vision System comes with video monitoring software for most IPC’s and DVR’s although this specific system comes with a DVR already. The system comes with cloud capabilities so that you can view live video or video stored on the cloud using any smart device. This is of course is provided through their app available for both IOS and Android.

· High-quality recording

· 24 IR LED with a range of 65 ft.
· Weather resistant cameras that run on DC 12V power
·500 Gb of storage
· 1-year warranty

· Instructions can be a bit confusing

ZOSI 4PCS Megapixel 720P Wireless Outdoor IP Camera System

The ZOSI camera system is a wireless 4 channel 720P high-quality surveillance system which comes along with a 1 TB hard disk for added storage. The 4 cameras that the kit comes with put forth up to 720p high definition video with amazing night vision recording of up to 100 feet. This is more than most security camera systems on the market today.

The cameras come fully weather proof with an IP66 rating which means that they are extremely water resistant. The cables come threaded through the mounting stands in order add an extra layer of protection against any vandalism or interference.

The cameras come with the option of either mounting them on the ceiling or on a wall depending on the location that you as the user prefer. This helps to make the cameras be a deterrent while at the same time making them discreet.

Motion activation comes standard in this system if you don’t want to spend your time and hard drive space monitoring empty rooms or locations. You can set the cameras to only record when motion is detected and even set the motion detection area of each individual camera to monitor specified areas.

When motion is detected, push notifications are instantly sent to you through your smart device through the Zosi app that is provided for both Android, IOS, and PC Remote View.

There is also a Built-in security dedicated wireless wifi module with stable signal and strong anti-interference. It also supports long transmission distances of open areas up to 350m.

The system comes with 3 lan ports which you can use to connect your cameras to in case WIFI signals are not possible in your particular vicinity. This is a smart option not usually found in most traditional wireless security camera systems today which we thought was pretty cool to say the least.


· Weatherproof heavy duty cameras
· 720P high definition video recording
· Built-in security detection for better picture quality and stability.
· Night vision for up to 100 ft.
· Progressive scan sensor
· Android and iOS support


· Can be a bit difficult to install
· You will still need to connect each camera to a power outlet so they are only wireless in the sense of data connectivity, not power usage.

There are many other options out there and we have video surveillance systems reviews and comparisons for many others brands and models here on the website that you can take a look at.

However, out of these five systems, our clear winner is once again the Amcrest 720P Video Security System. Not only for up-to-date features for both the DVR and cameras, but also for its reliability, performance, and price.