What To Look For Before Purchasing A High Resolution Security Camera System

If you have the money to buy a high resolution security camera for your home, then you should make sure that the system is state of the art. You want to have the equipment to help give you peace of mind that your property is safe when you are not there.

Buying a security system is sometimes not as simple as running to the store and then just picking one up. If you have a premises that is worth a lot of money, then you should invest some money in a state of the art system and do your research before you buy it.

If you are unlucky enough that you have bought a simple system, or have been broken into and the cameras have failed, then you will wish that you would have spent more money on the system and bought a more reliable security suite.

If you are thinking about buying a security system, then there are some choices that you will have to make. Read on for more information about what to look out for when purchasing the high resolution security cameras.

Look For A Brand With A Good Reputation:

1. One of the primary decisions you ought to search for is the capacity of the Company you are acquiring the framework from, to remain behind their security camera, with warranties, technical support, and so forth.

In today’s society reviews are one of the primary things that shoppers are looking at sometimes more than the specs of the actual product. You need to make sure that not just the security camera system that you are considering has high marks but that the maker or brand has high marks as well.

Make sure that they offer competitive warranties on their products and very flexible ways to get technical or customer support. Many security camera system companies today offer life-time technical support. You want to pay attention to those brands.

Weather Resistant VS. Weather Proof:

2. Weather resistant, or weather proof – You might have read that and thought that they are both the same thing, when actually, when it comes to cameras, they are not the same at all. Weather resistant means that the camera will work when it is under certain conditions. But, when those conditions reach a certain level, they will cease to work.

Whereas, weather proof, means that it will work no matter what. It should carry on recording in a hurricane thunderstorm, blizzard etc., as long as it stays connected to the system. Weather proof is a lot more expensive, and if you are going to house the cameras inside, or in an area such as a garden that has shelter, then you could opt for weather resistant and save some money.

You will need exclusive standards in Weatherproofing, Waterproofing appraisals. For instance, the majority of high resolution security cameras are evaluated to – 40 degrees F below zero and approximately +158 degrees F above.

Security cameras are given certain ratings. One of the ratings is called IP66. The IP66 rating that some cameras are given means that they have been tested and have been found to be completely airtight against dust and able to endure pretty much any kind of weather element out there.

Seeing a brand that certifies their cameras to have the IP66 rating will help you feel confident of the camera’s reliability and that you are making a good purchase.

An example of an excellent system that offers IP66 rating cameras is Amcrest’s 960 H Video Security System.

IP Cameras VS. Regular Cameras:

3. IP cameras or regular cameras – Today’s security systems come either with IP cameras or Regular ethernet connected cameras. IP cameras which are cameras that are not attached to the DVR physically and work usually via a WIFI or some sort of wireless connection. They can be installed anywhere on the property usually without too many hassles.

The biggest benefit of IP cameras is that you can access the footage anywhere in the world, from your computer, or even a mobile device. Installation of these cameras is usually pretty simple as well.

Whereas with older systems, the cameras will need to be attached to the system by a wire, usually an ethernet cable, and the footage will be recorded to the main system or DVR. Therefore, you can only view the footage from where you have your DVR and monitors at. However many wired systems today allow for remotely viewing footage either from a dedicated login site or by using a mobile device, but options are quite limited compared to the wireless alternatives.

IP cameras can be more expensive, but if you have done some research, you can sometimes find them cheaper than some wired cameras. As previously mentioned IP cameras will also offer you with a lot more user options, like live viewing and recording to a hard drive. You will even be able to move the camera using your phone. So, if you can afford it, then IP cameras will be the better option.

An excellent example of a IP Camera system would be the Arlo Smart Security – 3 HD Camera Security System.

Hidden Cameras VS. Open Cameras:

4. Camouflage or colored – Most high resolution security camera systems come with color options as well. If you don’t want people to know that the cameras are there, then you should opt for the camouflage option.

Camouflaging or hiding the camera won’t completely guarantee that the camera won’t be seen by the intruder but it will certainly help. But, if you want to have the cameras act as a deterrent, then you should choose a color that will make the cameras to make them stand out. Therefore, intruders will be able to see them and they will know that the property is protected, and will be less likely to break in.

The important thing to keep in mind if you don’t care that your cameras are seen by intruders is that the cameras are at a level where the intruder cannot pull down or break the camera easily while at the same time you are able to capture his or her face pretty well.

Make Sure You Have The Camera/s Attached To A High Quality DVR:

5. Last but not least you’ll certainly need a hight quality DVR to see and work your cameras from. You need one that accommodates the latest high resolution 960h technology and that is very flexible when it comes to ways of backing up footage.

Consider one that is simple to use and to setup, and if you do have issues with it, one that comes with great technical support backing it up. Just as much as it’s important for the cameras to come with good tech support and a good warranty it is just as important that the DVR comes with the same.

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