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With a wireless security camera, the surveillance of a business or a home becomes easier. When choosing the wireless security camera, there are some factors you must put into consideration.

You must consider the operational manageability if the camera can be accessed from a remote location, among others. Consider the wireless surveillance camera reviews below in relation to their features and functions. You can find these camera systems right now on Amazon.

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Magicfly Digital Wireless DVR Security System

Magicfly Digital WirelessAmazon Rating:

Priced at just $330.00

2.9 with numbers

This camera comes with a 7” LCD monitor, which also allows live recording on the SD Card. It supports a maximum of 32GB FT card, so you can enjoy recording enough videos.

The system will support a maximum of 4 cameras. It has several recording modes that you can choose from, including the manual, motion activated night vision and schedule recording. It only costs about $330.

A great advantage of this camera is that it is weatherproof and it covers a longer range on its night vision mode. It also has a circular coverage mode, which ensures that you have a bigger scope being monitored.

A drawback with this system is that it might have some errors like the recording mode can shut off while it is still recording. It might force you to reset it severally.

Zmodo 720P HD 4CH Wireless System

Zmodo 720P HD 4CH Wireless NVR Security SystemPriced at just $439.99

Amazon Rating:

2.8 with numbers

This is an HD wireless security system that is suitable for a small business or at home. The camera will cost about $439.00, but it has excellent performance. It has several recording modes, including the intelligent, motion detected and normal recording. It has a record rate of 100 frames per second, which is quite impressive. It has a night vision of about 20 meters.

The good side of this system is that it is quite easy to set up, whereby, you will only need to scan the QR code that is on the NVR. All the cameras have been linked wirelessly to the NVR, so there are less accidents. The feeds can also be accessed on an Android device, a PC or an iOS device.

The problem with the system is that you might find it difficult to set it up, if you do not have a smartphone that can read the QR-code. The night vision is also not as clear as expected.

Annke Wireless 4CH Digital Home System

Annke Wireless camera systemPriced at just 279.99

Amazon Rating:

5.0 with numbers
This system costs about $279 and you will also be sure of having a stable system that can monitor your home. It is a 4 channel system that allows you to connect 4 cameras to it. It comes with an LCD monitor of about 7 inches. There is also a fitted video recorder that loads on a TF card of up to 32GB.

This system is quite easy to install and use, also, it can record up to 15 meters when in the night vision mode. The video quality is also quite impressive, especially during the day.
The major drawback of this system is that it has a poor night vision. The night vision is not clear enough and at times, it can be too dark and blurred to know if there is an object captured.

Arlo Smart Wireless System

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera SystemPriced at just 299.99

Amazon Rating:

3.8 with numbers

With this system, you can use it either indoors or outdoors, since it has an amazing night vision mode. It comes at around $300, but it has a number of features and functions that will serve you right. There are different recording mode, including the motion activated mode.

With the motion activated mode, you will be able to receive real-time alerts, in case the camera captures any uncommon movement. You can access it easily from the internet as well.

A major drawback of the camera is that the battery will drain faster, depending on the mode that you have set. Also, it can be quite difficult to set up.

Defender Sentinel Pro Wireless 4CH Security System

Defender Sentinel Pro WirelessPriced at just 456.11

Amazon Rating:

2.6 with numbers

This wireless system comes at about $456 and it has amazing features as well. It has the plug-and-play function, which means that it is easy to operate. There are some infrared LEDs, which will enhance the night vision. It comes with a memory of 1TB.

You will be able to view the night scenes easily and also, the big memory allows you to record multiple videos for many years. You may also back up your recordings to an external disk or a flash drive, thanks to the USB port on the system. One issue with the system is that it doesn’t record the night scenes for over 60 feet away, this is quite unreliable.


These are some of the top wireless security cameras, which are fitted with amazing features and also, almost all of them will support nigh-vision recordings. For that, you will be sure of a system that keeps your home well monitored.

Here at Surveillance Reviews.net we choose the Arlo Smart Wireless System for it’s great day/night video quality, very user-friendly mobile options, and cloud storage options among other features. The well designed motion detection option as well as the sleek yet small weatherproof cameras makes this system a no brainer for anyone looking for fast and easy video security.

Arlo Smart Home - Big

3.8 with numbers



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